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Reading this article on IPs (so INFPs, INTPs, ISTPs, and ISFPs) and relationship challenges and this came up: ‘Rather than meeting their obligations, IPs may burn time watching television, surfing the Internet, or playing video games as a means of distraction. Such behaviors serve to soothe or stave off feelings of anxiety associated with directly facing and participating in life.’

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so this is my larry fic rec list i hope you guys like it, i only recommend fics that i really like and want to share with you. i’d be more than happy to talk to you guys about fanfiction so don’t hasitate to talk to me here CLICK CLICK CLICK enjoy and let me know what you liked/what you hated and if any of the links stopped working! lots of love xo -Klaudia
(**** i put those next to my favouritie works)

*****Young and beautiful by Velvetoscar

Words: 227k (not enough tbh), chapters: 34/34
haha i’ve been putting off writing description for this fic because i feel like anything i’d say wouldn’t be enough. honestly, ive been reading fics since i was like 12 and this is the best one i’ve EVER had the pleasure to read, it’s the reason why i keep reading and searching for new fics, even after all this time!!! fuck just do me the favor and read it, (author’s summary: Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes), best characterization for all characters espacially harry, louis is 100% himself, he doesn’t take shit from no one and harry is one of those dudes who (you’d think) like to push people around but fuck you couldn’t be more wrong there is so much backstory and shit this fic is so hardcore im whipped im so sorry im laying on the ground and kissing the author’s feet

Jailbirds by significationary

ok so it’s a v long series: first part is called The inside and its about Lou meeting Hazza in the prison, the next part is called the Outside and it’s obviously their life outside of the jail but it’s not as colourful as they wanted it to be (there’s a happy end, dont worry), the last fic on this series is called The Upside and i sadly didn’t read it because i heard it’s mostly full of kinky smutty scenes and i’m not really into this whole d/s thing when it comes to long term relationships, but if it’s your cup of tea then go and read the whole thing :D it’s well written and to be honest, you can read each part separetely but it’s def worth a read especially those first two parts!

Little black dress (it’s all right) by istajmaal

Harry is genderfluid and you need to read this literally simple as that. It’s a series consisting of 3 chapters, the first part 8k words long have a gr8 time (you will)

****We’re okay by scottmcniceass

Words: 151k (woahh) 12/12 chaps
it’s both larry and ziam fic, but it’s like one of the best i read. im a sucker for good plot and it’s hella good plot. i don’t know how she does it but she made their paths cross so naturally, like you only start with haz buying weed from zayn (higschool dropout) who’s friends with louis and louis is insanely rich and liam is under so much pressure he’s a good boy but then harry has to live with his father in louis’ rich neighborhood and they all kinda bond but FUCK HELL TIS IS SO FCUKING GOOD HAD ME ON THE EDGE TIL THE END AND ITS LONG FUCK FUCKFKKF

**Fading by tothemoonmydear

Words: 202,102 Chapters: 31/31 
They’re all in uni, Louis studies to be a fashion designer. He struggles with eating disorder and nobody even knows about it for a long time. It’s a pretty sad fic, definitely angst, but worth reading if you’re in an emotional mood. I also found out a bit about ED from this and it gave me another point of view. Harry is lovely and really strong although he has his own regrets. 

The finish line (is a good place for us to start) by LoadedGunn

Words: 121k 6/6 chapters
FORMULA 1 AU!!! the beginning might make you go like ooh fuck this is gonna be awesome. i read it on my way back from prague and had a right laugh. this fic is fucking long but it has its moments and it’s a classic so give it a shot. romanic funny and lots lots of plot

You come beating like moth’s wings by supernope

Words: 80k chapters: 9/9
C’MON WHO DOESN’T LIKE A LIL TRAVELLING FIC! Basically Louis meets Hazza in Barcelona and since they’re both travelling the world alone they decide to pair up while they’re in Barcelona but they end up never leaving each other’s sides, such a cute fic, sunny and wonderful and the boys have so much fun together it’s really comforting to read. not too much fluff, obviously. 

Turning From Praise (Punk!Harry Christian!Louis) by curlyandboobearstylinson

Words: 128,943 Chapters: 21/21
The title says it all. Harry is a punk who everyone in town hates although he is mostly like the Harry we know and love, dorky and way too nice. Louis is confused and under a lot of pressure but he likes talking to Harry and there’s that. I got hooked really soon. It’s nice and don’t be scared by this “christian” thing, it’s nothing bashing christianity (on the contrary) [It also has a sequel, the link is here x]

glitter / gold series by starseas

The series consists of two fics: the first part in which they just starting to be more just friends and the second part is about their wedding which isn’t actually about their wedding ??? it’s more like, getting ready to face that day and it’s so full of devotion and it makes you fall in love with their relationship because they aren’t only lovers here but also each other’s best firends and it’s the best thing in the world. 

six feet beneath the moon by starseas

A one shot in which Louis is miserable after a breakup, he meets Harry at some party he didn’t even want to go to and Harry is the weirdest, cutest person ever. I swear, it’s all set in winter and it’s magic and ridiculous. Read it. 

star theory by starseas

It’s a really silly fun and suprisingly hot fetus!fic. It’s not pure smut, though so if you feel like reading something with emotions but also quite sexy and adorable, here it goes. 

the anatomy of flight by bfs for snsk

“It’s not a proposal, it’s a promise. A promise that I will love you until I’ve turned to dust. I’ll love you every time you have a breakdown because we’ve run out of birdfeed. I’ll love you at your highs and lows. I’ll love you when you burn my toast or make my tea too sweet. I’ll love you when you don’t love yourself and you feel like you don’t deserve it.”
AU in which they’re both a bit broken, Harry hears voices and Louis loves birds.

brighter than this path before me by justaboat

I liked this one because it shows life isn’t always so colourful and sweet even if you have somebody who would give you a golden star if you asked them to, basically a little bitter-sweet au with a happy ending. Harry and Louis need a time to find themselves again. 

never shut us down by togetherwecouldbealright

Author’s summary says it all: 
Louis is an insecure mess and he hides behind his blog. Harry’s a boy with a personality too bright and he’s everything Louis thought he would hate. They end up falling in love.

*we’ll play hide and seek to turn this around (give me love like never before) by wankerville 

AU in which Harry paints his nails, drinks strawberry milk and is more feminine than most boys are. it’s very sweet and Louis is confused at first but there is no triggering rejection. Harry is shy and so loveable, the way he is just ah, read it. 15k words

****and every story must grow old by thispieceofmind

it’s one of those magic fics, i don’t know maybe it was the moment when i read it, like i wanted to keep it forever but this one is special, it’s about louis and haz attenting some extra art classes together, mostly just painting but her writing is fucking good, hell. I think Harry has some sort of social issues, he talks with Louis a lot and it’s a journey durning which Louis manages to show Harry it’s worth to live. (this quote: ”Being in love feels a lot like letting loose and if this is letting loose, he’d hang from the sky by a single thread”). 33k words

Fringe by embro

this one is just hot ok this one is cheeky and louis is a lil flirty bastard and he’s a hair dresses and hazza is a customer and it’s hot and funny, i wouldn’t say it’s pwp but it’s pretty steamy, judge urself :D

Things have gotten closer to the sun by starseas

who am i kidding we all read it lol i kinda cried all my way through this fic so if you’re into angst it’s a must read. after one direction they find out there is only 12 days left before the world ends and harry has so much regrets, it’s a ot5 fic, a lil trace of ziam towards te end but it doesnt matter if you don’t like it because larry here is so emotional and beautiful and sad and you want to read it, 49k words

One of the Beautiful People by cantgetnoworse

This is nice to read, especially if you’re in love with zouis and don’t let this “friends with benefits” thing put you off, they’re just really good mates and louis does not cheat on harry with zayn. besides, louis has some comittment issues and it’s a fun fic, i wish there was more of stuff like this
author’s summary: Louis is a sparkly go-go dancer on Saturdays. Zayn is his lifelong best friend with benefits. Zayn falls for someone new and Louis’ world turns upside down.

 You’ll breathe me in (you won’t release) by LoadedGunn

okay this is so smutty hahah im ashamed of myself but she writes the hottest and best smut ever so im like 14% less ashamed. harry is 17 and louis is 25 and he’s harry’s driving instructor it’s so kinky im going to hell don’t read it read it asap

*****To live on the moon with you by toastghost

i read it yesterdy and it’s my fav one shot so far? and if not my fav then one of my favourites and im def going to remember it for a long long time mostly because it helped me a bit to understand what a person struggling with depression feels like. it’s magic, honestly. Louis used to be depressed and now he gets sad every now and then and he writes a lot and those stories make my jaw drop. Harry works in an ice cream shop and Louis starts drinking milkshakes. I’m still wondering what happened with that alien boy called Zorg. If anybody is triggered by depression then i suggest not reading it but at the same time: it’s not pure angst and this fic isn’t gona make you upset, it’s just going to make you a lot more aware of what’s going on around you and i STRONGLY recommend reading it. art, just art, what a talented person who wrote this 26k words

Completely unaware (you make me smile) by deblond

//Five times everyone thinks that Harry and Louis are dating (and the one time they are)// this is a lil thing that will make you smile, cuddly and cute ;) 6,5k words

More than just a dream by thispieceofmind

Harry and Louis ride the bus together, and they share a song a day. It’s perfect for music geeks like me, i enjoyed it a lot! Again, a little thing, only 5k words long but sweet enough! 

If these sheets were the states, and you were miles away by toastghost

basially: In which Harry is at school in England and he’s terrible at French, Louis is an English kid living in France and they’re forced to be penpals for a school project. Niall doesn’t like mornings, Liam makes an accidental friend, and Zayn is not at all subtle (~author’s note) loved it plus it’s by the girl who wrote To live on the moon with you

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